8" Calvary Cheek Performance Correction
8" Calvary Cheek Performance Correction

8" Calvary Cheek Performance Correction

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8" Performance Correction

This is the same as the Professional Series correction bit on in a plain style that is a little cheaper in price.

8" Calvary Cheek Series:
This final cheek in the Tool Box is designed for the finished, well broke performance horse or tough mouthed older horses where the rider needs more control.  It can be used as a schooling bit to get a horse to collect and break at the poll that is not responding to milder bits.  It is also commonly used in competition in all disciplines, but should not be used all of the time for practice or daily training.  The purchase is 2-1/2" and the shank 5-1/2".  The calvary designed shank is angled back to the horse, but at a straighter angle than the 7-1/2" model, causing a quicker, more immediate response.  The purchase/shank alignment ratio increases leverage, creating greater realized pressure to all points of contact of the mouth and chin.

8" calvary: 1" X 1-3/4" Correction
A step up in leverage and control from the 7-1/2" style, the 8" Calvary 1" X 1" Correction bit applies increased pressure to the palate, tongue (with increased pressure to the sides of the tongue), chin, bars, and the corners of the mouth. This bit is not typically used in extended training sessions, but often used to school a horse that needs a firmer reminder to respond and collect. It is also used in competition on older or less responsive horses. This is not a bit for lateral flexing exercises, but works well as a stopping or collection tool.

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