Lifter Twisted Wire Dogbone Barrel Bit


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Brittany Pozzi
Twisted Wire Dogbone Bit
Lifter Series

"This mouthpiece offers similar benefits of the twisted wire snaffle with added flex and bend."  - Brittany Pozzi

Dogbone bits seem to work on a lot of different horses.  Not too harsh and not the softest of bits either.  Just a great middle of the road bit.  With all the benefits of just having enough bite if needed as well as the additional flex and bend you can't afford to not have this bit in your barn if you are working with several different horses.   These lifter bits are created to help you pick up your horse's shoulder while going into the turn and then helping them on the back side of the turn as well.  It gives good elevation of your horse's front end while engaging the hind quarter for the turn. 

Mouth 5 1/2"
Cheek 6 1/2"

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