Equisports Massager
Equisports Massager

Equisports Massager

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Designed specifically for equine applications
Unique four-point orbital

Equisports Massager is a safe, non-invasive and easy to use massage therapy solution. From poll to hoof, it helps your horse recover from sore muscles. As an investment in prevention, the Equisports Massager will bring your horse years of beneficial massage. Whether in your stable or at competition, the Equisports Massager is the right tool for you.

Introduced in 1995, the Equisports Massager has been upgraded after years of testing and operation. The 3240 rpm of powerful massage penetration increases circulation. The soothing action of the Equisports Massager lends itself to use on all areas of the horse including tender knees, hocks, stifle and fetlock. When it comes to larger muscle groups, the penetrating action also relieves soreness in the shoulder, back and hip. The Equisports Massager is geared toward increasing flexibility and ease of movement and is versatile enough to use by everyone.

In disciplines ranging from thoroughbred racing to Olympic level, three-day eventing, massage is the modality that many trainers are finding greatly improves problems in the sporting horse. Massage programs for muscle preparation and recovery are just as important as their nutrition and training. The Equisports Massager is the device more and more trainers are relying on to improve competition and performance.

As stated by Dr. Wesley E. Lickfeldt, a charter member of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, "the Equisports Massager is the answer to muscle problems in the sporting horse."

Equisports Massager is made of all die-cast aluminum components with a powder-coated finish. This 7.2 pound unit has unique four point, orbital, oscillating massage therapy action, premium cushioned vinyl pad, and a 25 foot power cord supply with an automatic GFCI safety device. Each unit is individually hand-built and tested in the United States and manufactured to CSA standards. A one year warranty is included with its purchase. Each massager is equipped with a rugged stylish shoulder bag for travel convenience, so your horse is never without the benefit of massage...

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