ESP - Classic Equine

XPF in the ESP Contour Saddle Pads is the most advanced pad technology.  The revolutionary auxetic foam is open cell, breathable and lightweight, and it provides the highest level of protection with its self adjusting profile. 

The Classic Equine ESP Saddle Pads are constructed with a middle layer of 1/2" memory foam, which is extremely conforming and temperature sensitive. It continuously molds and conforms to the shape of the back then rebounds to its original shape when pressure is removed. This minimizes pressure points and relieves body stress. It is open cell, allowing airflow through the cells and pulling sweat away from the horse.  For more info on these great pads see at the bottom of the page.

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ESP Contoured - Barrel Racing
$239.99  $219.99
ESP Contoured 34 X 38
$239.99  $215.99
ESP Felt Top Saddle Pads by Classic Equine - Square
$263.99  $239.99
ESP Felt Top Saddle Pads by Classic Equine - Round
$256.49  $249.99
ESP Wool Top 34 X 38
ESP Wool Top Saddle Pad 32 X 34
Classic Equine Work Pad
Performance Trainer