Full Leg Ice Boot
Full Leg Ice Boot

Full Leg Ice Boot

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Full Leg Ice Boot

These boots are designed to apply cold therapy from the knee or hock down.  The feature a neoprene exterior which insulates pockets made up a non-toxic solution.  When frozen, these pockets remain flexible, providing comfort while increasing therapy time.  Smooth nylon lining eliminates the potential for damaging the tissue from exposing the skin directly to ice; while also preventing dirt, shavings and debris from sticking to the boots.  Hook and loop straps with the added benefit of elastic allow for easy and secure application.  To activate, place in freezer until froze, can be then transferred to ice chest or cooler for use away from the barn or a freezer.  For a longer lasting cold therapy session, wet your horse's legs before application.  Sold in pairs.

Standard  - 26" tall
Large - 28" tall

 Why You Should Ice your Horse's Leg:

 Cold therapy is one of the most trusted remedies for treating horses with muscular injuries resulting in pain, swelling, and heat.  It is recommended that equine athletes with joint and lower limb problems benefit from the use of cold therapy after every training and performance session as a method to prevent further injury and promote healing. 

 *  Professional's Choice Ice Boots neoprene ice pockets eliminate the potential for damaging overexposure to the cold.  Ice placed directly on the skin can cause freezing of tissue.

 *Neoprene pockets allow cold from ice to slowly penetrate the boot, allowing the horse's skin to gradually become acclimated to the temperature.  Resulting in less fussing from your horse because they remain comfortable.

 *Daily use of Professional's Choice ice boots helps maintain normal blood flow to the muscles and joints, promoting soundness.

 *Helps reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and pain.

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