SMBII Splint Boots by Professional's Choice
SMBII Splint Boots by Professional's Choice

SMBII Splint Boots by Professional's Choice

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Made of closed-cell nylon-lined limestone-base neoprene -- provides comfort and shock protection.
Will not crack or crumble -- maintains its origin
The Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boot II (SMB-II®) is the best-selling leg care product in the world.  Since its introduction, the SMB-II® has provided protection to countless performance horses in every imaginable event -- polo, jumping, reining, barrel racing, endurance, working cow horse and many others.  For a lot of horses, this boot has meant the difference between an extended career and periodic or permanent lay-ups.

Even though some boots may imitate the basic design of the SMB-II®, they simply cannot provide the degree of safety, comfort, or effectiveness that has aided so many horses.  The Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boot is the original in all these areas because it provides three-fold protection, achieved through the individual pieces of the boot working together.


Like a splint boot, the SMB-II® provides exterior leg protection against injuries caused by hits from hooves, debris, and other horses.   This protection comes from the neoprene exterior working together with the inner lining of the boot.  On the outside of the boot, the high-density, closed-cell limestone-based neoprene enables the SMB-II® to absorb and dissipate high levels of energy from hits.  Between the neoprene and the horse's leg is a layer of UltraShock™ lining.  Together, the neoprene and UltraShock™ material provide 360-degrees of exterior leg protection.


The energy absorption capabilities of the SMB-II® is due to the sewn-in UltraShock™ lining, along with the neoprene exterior.   These materials are designed to absorb energy generated as the hoof impacts the ground, and to stretch and return to their original shape.  The ability to stretch allows the boot to absorb energy when it is extended or fully loaded.

Testing at Oklahoma State University has proven that the
Professional's Choice SMB-II® absorbs an average of 26%
of energy from hoof concussion -- four times greater
traditional wraps.


Suspensory support comes from the uniquely designed lower suspensory strap.  This is one of the features that makes the SMB-II® the very best preventive maintenance or rehabilitation tool.  To support the fetlock, the strap stretches and cradles the extended leg while still giving it the freedom to perform its function.  It prevents the fetlock from overextending and causing injury to the ligaments.  Designed to fit at a 45-degree angle, the strap doubles as a spring.  During use, the boot, fetlock strap and the hook straps stretch to conform with the movement of the horse's leg.  This stretching action can be repeated tens of thousands of times without losing the SMB-II's® integrity.

With all these benefits, it is easy to see why the SMB-II® is the world's best-selling equine leg care product.  At Professional's Choice, we believe the more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.   With products like the Sports Medicine Boot II®, we strive at continuing the tradition of helping horses perform at their peak with a high degree of comfort. 

How to measure your horse for the proper size in the SMBII Splint Boots

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