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Horse Blankets
Saddle Pads

Sharing Secrets - Horse Wall Art Home Decorations. Deer Etched Mirrors SMB Elite Splint Boots
VenTech Elite Vaue 4-pack
Our Price: $152.10
Sale Price: $139.95
Fall Savings $30.00!
2" Roughout Breastcollars by Martin Saddlery Luxury Oak Camo Bedding Set ESP Wool Top 34 X 38 Saddle Pad by Classic Equine
Roughout w/Dots
Our Price: $135.75
Fall Savings $4.20!
Oak Camo Bedding Set
Our Price: $167.50
ESP Wool Top 34 X 38
Our Price: $154.95 MSRP
Sale Price: $147.55
Fall Savings $16.40!

Rockin' M Tack is your one stop shop for all your horse tack and unique country western home decorations.  We have it all from horse tack - saddle pads - horse blankets - country cowboy home decor - western decor - and much more.

Currently carrying a wide selection and top of the line horse tack and supplies online today. You will find horse tack, equipment, and supplies from trusted brands such as Classic Equine, Professional's Choice, Rambo Quarter Horse, Amigo, Rhino, Rambo, Tod Slone, Cashel, Classic Ropes, Rattler Ropes, Cheri Cervi Collection, Charmayne James Collection, Britt Bockius Collection, Bob Avila Collection, Impact Gel, and Mayatex saddle blankets and saddle pads. You are sure to find the piece of horse tack or equipment that you need regardless if you a professional trainer, compete in an event, or average trail rider.

Of course if you are involved in horses, live the country western lifestyle, or have a friend or loved one interested in horses check out our unique country western home decor. You will find a wide selection of horse gifts and country cowboy decor. We have a decoration piece that would satisfy the hunter in your family to equine enthusiasts to cowboys to just the good ole' country boy or girls.

Look for us at Southwest Missouri area equine events such as Barrel Racing, Ropings, Team Pennings, Cuttings, Rodeos, and Horse Shows. Sign up for our newsletter informing you of upcoming events, sales, and interesting topics.

Today's Super Deal!

Rambo Duo System 2 blankets in 1.

List Price: $435.00
Our Price: $415.00
Sale Price: $409.97
Fall Savings $25.03!
Rambo Duo Waterproof Turnout System 2 blankets in 1.
We call this the Duo System because you are in fact using two rugs together to solve a number of problems.  With the ever changing weather patterns then everyone can agree that on certain days then their horse blankets are too hevy or too light.  Rambo has came up with a solution to that issue - The Rambo Duo System.

Top Sellers

SMB Elite Splint Boots by Professional's Choice
Sale Price: $89.95
SMB Elite Splint Boots by Professional's Choice
Sale Price: $84.95
Classic Equine ESP Wool Top Saddle Pad 32 X 34
Sale Price: $147.55
SMB Elite Splint Boots by Professional's Choice
Sale Price: $53.96
Classic Equine Legacy System Splint Boots
Sale Price: $68.36

New Products

Equisential Horse Blanket - 600D
Our Price: $119.95
Professionals Choice SMB-3 Splint Boots
Sale Price: $71.96
Professional's Choice Value Pack SMB-3 Splint Boot
Sale Price: $134.96
Professionals Choice AQ-SMB Splint Boots
Our Price: $94.95
Waterproof Turnout Sheets
Our Price: $179.95

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